Passive cooling solution for every market

Easily store temperature-sensitive products between 35˚F / 2˚C and 46˚F / 8˚C with the LogiBox. The LogiBox is a passive cooler with a cooling element, which keeps your products at the right temperature for up to 72 hours. The size is universal, which makes it versatile. The box is developed for pharma transport but also very suitable for products in other markets with the same temperature requirements. Use this cool solution both on the road and on location to guarantee the quality of your products.

The benefits of the LogiBox

Passive cooling solution 35˚F to 46˚F


The LogiBox is delivered in a common size that makes the cooler easy to lift, stack and use in the current logistics process. The passive cooler is made of a special insulation material with a extra high insulation value. This makes the walls of the LogiBox relatively thin, which optimally utilizes the volume of the box. View the benefits of the LogiBox below.


Passive cooling

Не се изисква захранване

GDP одобрение

Съгласно GDP изискванията

Does not use dry ice

This makes the LogiBox smaller in size than usual

Easily stackable

Лесна за транспортиране

Stable temperature curve

For reliable quality

Greater efficiency

With combined refrigerated transport

Why the LogiBox?

The LogiBox is an innovative concept for passive refrigerated transport. There are a number of differences with the regular solutions in the market. Discover the characteristics of a LogiBox in a nutshell below.




Equivalent temperature curve


Equivalent to regular crates

Made of plastic

Easy to handle

Smart technology


Лесно се интегрира в текущата ви дистрибуторска мрежа

Whether you are transporting medicines, laboratory samples or food items, you can easily combine 35˚F / 2˚C tot 46˚F / 8˚C transport with other temperature zones using the LogiBox. For instance, you can place the LogiBox in the cargo space of your company car with your regular transport. Or combine the LogiBox with a VebaBox, so that you have both a 35˚F / 2˚C to 46˚F / 8˚C and a 59˚F / 15˚C to 77˚F / 25˚C transport in the same vehicle. This makes you flexible in setting up your refrigerated transport!