NEOS 100 S

Alternator driven,  NEOS refrigeration range combines constant cooling and heating for vehicles with capacity up to 6 m3, with opportunity for flexible way of installation. It is a versatile and reliable choice for customers seeking goods protection, reliability and driver comfort. There are two versions available Slim and Split. The more conventional Split concept is fitted externally to the nose mount or roof. Suitable for all vehicle types, this option allows more loading space inside the vehicle. Its slim-line evaporator can be fitted into all compartments, even the smaller ones.It can work together with cars's air conditioner. This is a quieter solution for added driver comfort. With its power of 1130 W at set temperature 0 ° C NEOS provides exceptional load protection.

technical data

  • Road operation on 12 Vdc only*
  • Standby operation 230/1/50 Hz-60 Hz
  • Automatic hot gas defrost
  • R134a refrigerant
  • Cab command

*Vehicle must have a 125A alternator and a 90A/h battery   

Cooling capacity on road 1000 rpm at 0°C/+30°C

1130 W

Cooling capacity on road 1000 rpm at -20°C/+30°C

390 W

Cooling capacity standby at 0°C/+30°C

1190 W

Cooling capacity standby at -20°C/+30°C

390 W


750 m3/h

Condenser weight

48 kg

Evaporator weight

15 kg

additional equipment

  • Door switch for doors openings
  • Condenser roof mount kit
  • Condenser roof cut kit
  • Standby module
  • DataCOLD