Транспорт под контролирана температура

Vebabox е подходяща за вашата дистрибуционна мрежа

Не е нужно да сменяте предназначението на вашата кола и да я превръщате в хладилна, това ще остане в миналото благодарение на VebaBox. VebaBox е хладилен контейнер, който можете да сложите в товарното пространство на вашата кола, нужна е само лека модификация на автомобила. С помощта на дигитален дисплей имате възможността много лесно да настроите необходимата за вашия товар температура. VebaBox  може да бъде преместена от един автомобил в друг много лесно и бързо.

Благодарение на Vebabox  винаги ще превозвате вашия товар при необходимата температура, което гарантира неговата безопастност и качество.

Ползите от VebaBox

Гъвкава и надеждна!

VebaBox е по-гъвкаво и евтино решение за вашия хладиелн транспорт. is not only more flexible than a refrigerated vehicle, but also less expensive. Освен, че е доста по-евтина също така може лесно да се премести в друг автомобил. Това означава, че инвестирате само веднъж в надежден хладилен транспорт.  Открийте всички предимства, които VebaBox предлага що се отнася до температурно контролирания транспорт.

Right temperature

Cooling and heating from 35°F to 77°F
Freezing from -8°F to 41°F

Various temperatures

Different compartments possible

Easily stacked

VebaBox can be adjusted to crate sizes


Always Cool

Cools while the motor is not running

Гъвкав дизайн

Възможно е да се изработи във всякакви размери

Дългосрочна инвестиция

Може да се мести от един автомобил в друг

A standard or custom VebaBox

No matter what products you transport, a VebaBox in your company car always gives you the right cooling solution. The VebaBox is available in any desired size and can be fully customized with different options and accessories. We distinguish between a VebaBox Economy, Perfect fit and Custom. View the differences below!



Perfect Fit


Most profitable option

Available from stock

Temperature control on the unit

Standard finish

Option of 230V shorepower connection

Option to connect PowerPack

Maximum use of cargo space

Side door

Free size choice

Treadplate finish inside

Pallet base


Professional cooling solution for your commercial vehicle

Whether you are looking for a large or small cooler in your company car or storage, the VebaBox always gives you a suitable solution. The cooler is available in various sizes. The Economy line consists of a number of standard models that are suitable for all company cars from the small and middle segments. These coolers are available from stock and very attractively priced. Are you looking for a VebaBox that optimally utilizes the cargo space of your refrigerated truck? Then choose a VebaBox perfect fit. If you have different dimensions in mind for your cooler, then we can create a Custom VebaBox. 

67% of our customers choose a VebaBox Economy

Installation in a day

In addition to the short delivery time of the VebaBox, our designated company car fitters can install your VebaBox for you within one day. This ensures you of the right connection for your VebaBox and also means you get a 2-year warranty on both the box and the installation. All you need to do is set the right temperature for your load, and you can get on the road immediately! The installation hardly requires any modifications to the vehicle, which means you can return it as a normal company car. 

Always on the road thanks to our service-friendly cooling system

Thanks to the innovative design of the VebaBox, maintenance and repairs of the cooling system are easy to perform. The Thermal Unit that takes care of the cooling capacity is removable from the VebaBox and can be replaced in our workshop or at one of our installation partners in a matter of minutes. This means your company car is never out of circulation long if there is any failure.