For guaranteed blood quality

Blood transfusions play a major role in many life-saving medical treatments. It is of great importance to transport the blood with a reliable cooling solution to guarantee the quality of the product. In collaboration with, among others, the Red Cross, VebaBox Cool Solutions has developed a number of mobile coolers that if desired, allow for bringing the blood from the donor, under the right conditions, to the production locations.

Reliable blood transport

Stable internal temperature


In addition to the fact that the blood in the BloodContainer is quickly cooled to the right temperature, the blood is optimally protected against external negative effects. View all the benefits of the BloodContainer for reliable blood transport below.


Right temperature

Perfect control from 35˚F / 2˚C to 77˚F / 25˚C

Use on location

As standalone cooling container

Cools during standstill

For guaranteed quality and safety

Save on logistics costs

No disposable packaging

Fully customizable

With various accessories

Why the BloodContainer?

The BloodContainer is an innovative concept for reliable blood transport. There are a number of differences with the regular solutions in the market. Discover the characteristics of the BloodContainer in a nutshell below.




Cooling and heating

Stable temperature

One-time investment


Electric drive as an option

No exposure to outside temperature


Various models available

The BloodContainer is available in three models that all provide equal cooling or heating of the blood, thanks to a controlled air flow in the containers. The temperature is easily adjustable using the color display and will sound a clear signal if the temperature is too low or too high. The KC80SS is the latest model and, contrary to the KC48 and KC120, can also be used as a standalone cooler on location.