NEOS 100

Alternator driven, the NEOS refrigeration range combines constant cooling and heating for vehicles up to 6m3 with flexible installation. The aesthetically designed Slim concept demonstrates the lowest profile on the market, enabling access to any car park. Integrated into the vehicle for improved aerodynamics and fuel-efficiency, this is a quieter solution for added driver comfort. It's also easy to maintain and service and is delivered pre-tested and pre-set at the factory.

technical data

  • Road operation on 12 Vdc only*
  • Standby operation 230/1/50 Hz-60 Hz
  • Automatic hot gas defrost
  • R134a refrigerant
  • Cab command 



700 m3/h

Cooling capacity at 0°C/+30°C

1140 W

Cooling capacity at -20°C/+30°C

425 W

additional equipment

Door switch for doors openings
Box insulation reinforcement
Standby module