Whereas conventional refrigeration units deliver cold depending on the vehicle engine speed, Pulsor delivers constant cold throughout the delivery cycle. Combining Carrier all-electric technology with an inverter and variable speed hermetic compressor, Pulsor delivers 100% of its refrigeration capacity at low engine speed. Frequent stops, multiple door openings, traffic congestion, multi-temperature goods and sensitive products, Pulsor is the perfect fit for intensive urban deliveries.

technical data

  • Programmable timer to start the unit in standby mode before the driver’s arrival
  • Automatic maintenance message
  • Adjustment of the temperature parameters up to 0.3°C from the set point
  • Cab command



Cooling capacity at 0°C/+30°C

2 525 W

Cooling capacity at -20°C/+30°C

1 260 W

additional equipment

  • Door switch for doors openings
  • Evaporator harness extension for remote evaporator
  • Condenser roof mount kit
  • Condenser roof cut kit
  • Water drain heater
  • DataCOLD
  • COLDTrans